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Hey everyone! I'm Cassie, a white transwoman living in Vancouver, Washington, with my lovely boyfriend, Mellowdusk, whose pony OC you can see in my avatar there. You can find a link my transition journal at the top of the screen.
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It was that noise again. That dreadful cacophony of mixed voices, music, and sound effects that filled the Brownstone every time Sherlock meditated in front of his television sets. The noise set Joan’s teeth to clenching as she strode into the television room. Sure enough, Sherlock lay perched on the back of a chair, all attention focused on the screens. On each one, gaily colored ponies frolicked about in a mixture of settings and environments. Curiously, each set focused on a particular pair of pink and purple ponies.

Joan snorted. “You’re watching that show again.”

“Yes,” Sherlock said, his gaze staying on the screens, though he did lower the volume, thankfully. “I thought it prudent, given its relation to our current case.”

Joan nodded. “Right… each of the victims did seem to be fans of the show… though I can’t imagine why. Discover anything?”

“Apart from an apparent attempt by the show’s writers to get lesbian relationships past the censors, no.”

Furrowing her brow, Joan said, “I beg your pardon?”

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The Simple Way clips fill me with dismay. I get the feeling I’m going to super dislike this episode. And it may negatively influence my opinion of the show as a whole, particularly if that one scene with AJ is the beginning of fanservice…




Made by my friend Diamond Ice!

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basically fashion style ponies are in scale to EqG dolls


(via naomiknight17)


MONOPOLY: My Little Pony

Coming Soon

Welcome to Equestria!

A big adventure and tons of fun await you in this playful My Little Pony edition of MONOPOLY. Favorite locations are up for grabs including Cutie Mark Clubhouse, Everfree Forest, Sweet Apple Acres, Manehattan,  and the Crystal Empire.

It’s magical MONOPOLY fun for every pony.

Includes Colorful Miniature Pony Tokens:
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy

So much want aaaaaaaah

Am buying this. No lies. It will be mine!


Been meaning to draw some Glitter Shell fanart for about a thousand years, and since I was too tired to work on big commissions tonight, I finally got this done.

Hope you like, Krypt, and thanks again for the adorable Bounty Bliss pic from your stream the other day <3

I LOVE Glittershell, for some obvious reasons. This is gorgeous to see!


I just wanna keep designing ponies based on randomly generated names.

Here we have Summer Blush, Tendershine, Satin Spice, and Melody Pop.

Not all the names it gave me were winners. Here are some names that didn’t make the cut: Peachy Pants, Night Chuckles, Precious Fizz, Tootie Bean, and Cuddle Jamboree.

These are some really great looking designs. Robin is fantastic at designing characters, for sure. I’d definitely recruit her for any character design help I might or might not need.


Some of my friends and I were playing with a pony name generator and I felt like drawing some of the better results.

From top to bottom: Snuggle Wind, Butterfly Shimmer, and Cotton Bloom.

So my legal name (that I do not like) actually netted me Cotton Bloom as well. Reffie Belle and I got the same one? What does this MEAN?

(The alternate one I netted from my identity name is Apple Fashion. And just for kicks, if we do Kyronea Kyronea, I get Butterfly Belle. In other words I get two shipping names.)


This is Hanami. In the spring she likes to throw big parties to show off the blossoms on her cherry trees. She gives the trees a good kick to scatter the blossoms, enjoying the way they look as they float through the breeze.

She’s pretty! I like her floral design.


The door to her boutique crunched under the weight of her rear hooves slamming it open. Rarity galloped inside, her body convulsing with every breath. She snarled as she caught a glance of herself in one of her mirrors. Her mane hung around her, drenched in sweat and muck and tangled like rotten ropes. Her face was pale and gaunt, the flesh of her neck stretched out with the strain of her cracked lips curled to reveal her sharp, jagged teeth. Her throat was swollen, parched, drier than a desert dune. Her eyes bulged, bloodshot, the once sapphire irises turned crimson. They were wild.

Like a beast.

“Twilight!” The words tore themselves from her throat in a guttural howl. “I need you! Now!

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So, I conceived this idea while walking to the DMV earlier today to get me an Oregon driver’s license. Although it doesn’t quite contain all of the details I wanted to include, because of time constraints, I’m really happy with how the description came out in the opening paragraphs. It’s more or less exactly what I pictured in my head for once, which is pretty damned amazing. I know how I pulled that off too so I think can start actually repeating that feat in the future.


April Showers meets May Flowers.

I love it when Robin turns a phrase into ponies.


$5 Flats Commission for Kyronea of her OC Thought Bubble

Commission Info HERE

This is quite beautiful! Amazing work for just five dollars; this is the sort of commission easily worth four times that price. Seriously, if you’ve got some spare cash lying around, commission Naomi. You won’t regret it.


So this variant cover for the My Little Pony Micro-Series Pinkie Pie issue is just bursting with potential avatars.

I like how I managed to caption the last one. But in general these look fantastic.


In my original doodle, I had Braeburn saying “but what if someone finds us” and Soarin’ replied with “they won’t”.  Dumb I know.  Hahaha


Just felt like making a pony tonight.

She seems like a botanist, or a topiary expert. Possibly just a gardener, or even, arguably, a geneticist working on genetically modifying plants to grow better for pegasi and unicorns so that earth pony magic isn’t needed to ensure the most bountiful of crops and flowers.

But she needs a name too. The first name I think of is Flora Potts which isn’t exactly creative. Perhaps others have better suggestions?