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Hey everyone! I'm Cassie, a white transwoman living in Vancouver, Washington, or soon will be at any rate, with my lovely boyfriend, Mellowdusk, whose pony OC you can see in my avatar there. You can find links to both my NSFW blog and my transition journal at the top of the screen.

And today marks the first weekend of my going back and forth. Since my laptop will overheat and  shut down if I try to post anything using it, this message was written in advance. But basically what it’s saying is, I’ll be unreachable till Monday. I can hear you, see your posts, maybe even make a reply using the reply function, but I cannot respond. (Skype, strangely, is fine though.)

It’s unpleasant, I already know. But I can survive it, till I get a job near my new place. I will survive it. For my hon’s sake, and mine.


Unfortunately, I can’t find any pics of her and me on my computer…but here’s my mom’s (FIRST PLACE) G4 Granny Smith cosplay from MLP Fair 2014. This was her first cosplay ever and first year in the costume contest. She wants to go with me again and dress up in 2015. I’m going to be G3 Lily Lightly with a light up ballgown and horn and she told me she wants to be G3 Scootaloo with a SCOOTER! And I thought my costume idea was extravagant! 

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Some amazingly goddamned frustrated whining below the break.

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Hellloooo everyone! I post to you now from our lovely new home! The next morning, as it was, as we didn’t get internet access online until this morning, but we have it now.

My hon and I are still fairly tired, but we got all of my stuff and most of his stuff moved in already. It’s all in awful disarray as we were both far too exhausted last night to more than we absolutely had to in terms of organization. We’re kinda limited to dorm-style cooking at the moment since the gas for the stove won’t be turned on till Monday(but I have to be present for that and since the earliest they could show up was tomorrow and I’ll be heading back to WORK tomorrow…) but we have more than enough food for that.

My presence may still be fairly limited until we get our own internet line and account set up and functional, as at the moment we’re piggybacking on the homeowner’s and so we want to stick to a bare minimum.

Our worst enemy we’ve faced thus far are the cobwebs, and the spiders within. At least one tried to jump me in the shower already… dreadful things.

But still, we’re here, we’re alive, and we’re living together. Quite happily already~


i really wanted to make some alternate rainbow power designs!!!

i guess something that really bothers me about the canon designs (among other things) is that they dont really seem to cohesively represent friendship, or teamwork, or rainbows even? it’s like they just slapped random coloured stripes on each one and overloaded them with hair their cutie marks/symbols. i don’t really understand what happened there. why did they make the design choices that they did?

i wanted to make designs that would bind them together more? SO, they all have a shiny magical rainbow stripe in their hair, and each pony’s cutie mark gains five sparkles around it (echoing twilight’s cutie mark in representing the five other friends/elements). their manes and tails would still do the whole magical flowing spiel and get a little larger, but they wouldn’t be…completely out of control…glances back at the season finale… that extra hair magic results in fetlocks instead.

everypony is accented with the colour of the element of harmony she represents! and their fetlocks are individualized to match their personal style. but i wanted them to gain more similarities than individualities, since they are joining forces to use the super powerful magic of friendship.

Oooh, I like these designs, better than the canon designs! I think I’ll be picturing this when I read/write about Rainbow Power from now on, since I don’t know how much(if at all) it really will show up in the show again.

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Tonight is the last night I live in this apartment. Oh, I’ll be using it as a place to stay for the next few months, three days out of the week, to work, but it won’t be my home any longer. It’ll just be a rest place, a place I sleep in, eat in when I’m not working.

It is at this point I must shut down my desktop, so it can be packed and ready to go tomorrow. I’m going to be trying to get my laptop working so that I have access to the internet, but in case I don’t, Tumblr, the next post you see from me will be from my new home, with my boyfriend.

You’re all awesome. May you be well.

Christ it is so hot in here. And I popped buttons on this blue skirt, rendering it unwearable. Again. I just had that fixed! (By my boyfriend. Sorry, hon, for undoing your work!)

I just want to get the rest of my stuff packed away, but the heat is making it unbearable. Oh how I long to already be in that cavern of cold…

Been playing an indie RPG called Sweet Lily Dreams. It’s on Steam for $14.99, but if you keep an eye out you can snag it in an indie bundle or something like that.

It’s really fun. It’s about a kid, Lily, who dreams, and accidentally wanders out of her dream into the world of the Illuminati, dream spirits that protect the dreamers from nightmare entities, the Phobius. She joins Faith, a dog, and Curly, a cat(both ladies) along with Muggles, a… tree or bush of some sort(who I think is nonbinary) in fighting the Phobius.  They’re having some interesting adventures along the way. It’s got a crafting system, and a quest system, and some neat ideas! Worth playing if you can get it!

mellowdusk answered to your photo “Okay, Tumblr. I picked this up at Goodwill for two bucks, and I have…”

My guess would be the hole is there so you can hang it up.

But it has a hole on the end of the handle for that, hon.

Das a clay sculptin thingie! :D

avonut answered to your photo “Okay, Tumblr. I picked this up at Goodwill for two bucks, and I have…”

I think it’s for making jello cylinders like for parties and stuff…

I could believe either of these answers are true, looking at it. They both make about as much sense.

So… looks like it’s anyone’s guess! Thanks ya’ll, though. Is appreciated.


My Little Pony Character Tropes → Fluttershy

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Just looks like a mixing spoon with a hole in it. Sometimes you use the hole to measure pasta or something, but I couldn’t say more.

It’s just such a strange shape though. Almost like a bird. I like it though.

Pfft. Battle. Obviously Twilight’s with both.

TwiShyPie is pretty awesome!

My guess(measure a serving of spaghetti in the hole and use the rest to stir something like sauce)

Seems to me like it’d be tricky at best to USE it for that purpose, but that does make sense! It definitely looks like it has something to do with pasta at any rate.